About BDIP

The structure of BDIP

The organisations that make up the Bradford District Infrastructure Partnership are committed to closer cooperation and working more closely together. BDIP's trustees have agreed in principle to set up a jointly owned incorporated body. This body will be charitable or will have a charitable arm. The chosen model will allow formal arrangements with other organisations to be entered into but the governance will rest with the five partners.

What we do

1: Development, support, and practical services

  • We provide services and support to help voluntary and community organisations be well-informed, skilled and sustainable, and able to achieve their full potential
  • We bring people and organisations together to start new projects and encourage collaboration and partnerships to achieve common goals
  • We recruit and support volunteers to find placements, and promote volunteering
  • We help organisations to demonstrate that they are responding to the needs of local people and can show the impact and effectiveness of their work

2: Representation and partnership working

  • We build relationships between the VCS and public sector bodies and provide leadership through direct partnership work with public sector bodies and other infrastructure organisations
  • We raise the profile, and strengthen the influence of the Voluntary and Community Sector, and increase awareness and understanding of the importance of the work of the VCS
  • We encourage and support others in the VCS to take representative and influential roles on behalf of the VCS
  • We provide information and knowledge about the roles of VCS organisations, the challenges they face, and the communities they work with or represent

How to access our services

You can contact any of the organisaitons directly and will be directed to the person or service you need. The BDIP organisations work closely not just with each other but with other infrastructure providers throughout West Yorkshire to ensure local groups have the best possible access to services they need (see our 'Friends Page').

Each BDIP organisation's website also has a wealth of resources and links to other services. We hope to bring much of this information into one central location in the future.

Our strengths as a partnership

  • The full range of practical services and support for voluntary and community organisations ranging from large charities and community associations to small grass roots groups
  • We can provide directly, or through partner organisations, expertise and skills in areas such as governance, charity law, legal structures, fund raising, strategic planning, troubleshooting, employing staff, and other areas
  • Local knowledge and insight into communities and voluntary organisations, and many years experience of working with public sector bodies to develop policy and building relationships that benefit the wider Voluntary and Community Sector
  • A track record of establishing initiatives and partnerships that benefit the district
  • Technical expertise and experience of working with local government structures and local strategic partnerships through change management processes
  • A track record of strategic influence such as the creation and success of the VCS Assembly, the Compact, Third Sector Review and Targeted Support Fund